What is EQ?

Simply put, EQ is about being smart with your feelings. It’s about recognizing your emotions as data points, and using these data points, along with your thoughts to make optimal decisions.

EQ skills drive the following areas of your life:

  • Overall effectiveness and the capacity to generate results
  • Healthy and productive relationships and networks
  • Physical health and the ability to bring optimal energy and functioning
  • Quality of life, with balance and satisfaction

Six Seconds developed a three-part model as a process to put EQ into action. The model begins with three important pursuits.

Knowing Yourself: learning to become self-aware, recognizing your feelings and thoughts, and the resulting actions.

Choosing Yourself: moving from reacting on auto-pilot to consciously choosing your actions.

Giving Yourself: taking intentional actions that align with your overall vision and purpose in life.

Each pursuit has competencies that can be learned. The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment will help you to gain insight into your ability to successfully demonstrate each of the competencies.

With the EQ assessment and the help of a coach, you can learn and grow in these competencies to increase your EQ.

The greater your EQ, the greater your personal effectiveness, relationships, health, and overall quality of life.