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It's a well-known fact that the best athletes spend the majority of their time practicing and very little time performing. No matter your role...leader, team member, coach, parent, student, friend...you rarely get time to practice! And yet, the key to learning and mastering new behaviors lies within THE PRACTICE! The following modules are designed so that you can practice developing your emotional intelligence. Don't rush through these. Pick one, and practice it throughout the week! With the modules provided and 52+ available practice sessions, you will have a year’s worth of opportunity to focus on your EQ skill development.

Choose from the available list of courses below. If this is your first time at this site, begin with Getting Started.

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Get Started

Congratulations on making the decision to focus on your Emotional Intelligence. Start here for a quick overview of how to begin your EQ journey!


Recognize Your Emotions

Do you slow down enough to recognize and name your emotions throughout the day? If not, discover what you’re missing!

Find Value in Emotions

You may have learned that some feelings are good and some are bad. Challenge that perception and discover that all feelings have value.

Create New Patterns

As you begin to unlock your emotions, you can learn to stop a reaction and be more intentional with your choices. Intentionality creates alignment with your actions and what matters most.


Redirect Your Thoughts

What would happen if you could hold every thought captive? Learning to redirect your thoughts can help you move from reacting in the moment to intentionally choosing how you respond.

Consider the Consequences

35,000. That’s how many conscious decisions you make each day! And, each decision carries consequences to you, your community, your work place, your family.

Build Resilience

Building your resilience is a critical skill to equip you to see beyond your current circumstances and respond with hope and possibility.


Manage Your Work Load

The demands of the day can be overwhelming. Engage strategies to maintain focus, eliminate distractions, set priorities, and manage workloads effectively.

Live with Purpose

Simon Sinek says, “Those who know WHAT they do, tend to work harder. Those who know WHY, tend to work smarter.” Learn to connect your daily actions with your deeper purpose.

Align to Your Values

Discover how to live in alignment with your values as a way to experience greater satisfaction and wellness.


Build Trust

Center environments and realationships on trust to increase levels of engagement in the workplace, healthy relationships, productivity, energy, teamwork, and well-being.

Connect with Others

Connecting with others begins with your ability to slow down, engage active listening, and respond with empathy.

Bonus Modules


Moving Forward through Disruption

Disruption creates feelings that can drive you forward or leave you paralyzed in fear. Discover how to navigate your thoughts and feelings around uncertainty so that you can step forward in courage and commitment.

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