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  • Driving Engagement with Emotional Intelligence is a fast-paced, interactive workshop, where Leaders gain greater self-awareness and begin to develop their emotional intelligence. The three-hour workshop includes learning through:

    • EQ skill building
    • Self-reflection and small group activities
    • Self-awareness and discovery
    • Action planning

    Value to Participants
    Staff engagement is vital to the success of your business. Engaged employees are passionate, drive innovation, and are personally connected to the work of the organization. They are critical to moving the organization forward.

    Based on Gallup’s research, average organizations experience 25% staff engagement with 25% staff disengagement. Gallup goes on to say that world-class teams have 67% engaged employees and only 7% disengaged. So what inspires staff engagement?

    Emotions! In fact, emotions drive people, and people drive performance. Organizations who focus on the development of Emotional Intelligence are experiencing greater levels of engagement*, through a climate that inspires trust, motivation, change, teamwork, and execution.

    And the best news…emotional intelligence can be developed!

    As part of this three-hour workshop, participants will:

    • Discover the value of emotional intelligence through a set of experiential activities.
    • Change their perception of feelings and begin to develop the skill of considering how their thoughts and feelings are influencing their actions.
    • Apply emotional intelligence to a current leadership challenge and leadership goal to inspire a climate of trust, motivation, change, teamwork, and execution.
    • Recognize how others are influenced by their own thoughts and feelings.
    • Create an action plan to identify 2-3 coachable actions to develop emotional intelligence.

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