• Recognize Patterns

    Recognize Patterns is the ability to identify frequently recurring reactions and behaviors. Over time, our patterns become auto-pilot reactions. These auto-pilot type of reactions are comfortable because they are familiar to us. Our patterns are not always effective though. 

    Do you notice your own reactions? What pushes you to snap, withdraw, get excited, or bolt?

    Examples of patterns of behavior include:

    • When I fee overwhelmed, I snap.
    • When I feel unappreciated, I withdraw.
    • When things don't go right, I blame.
    • When I feel scared, I overanalyze.

    As you work to grow in this competency, consider these resources.

  • Tracking your feelings, thoughts, and actions is a great way to start to recognize your patterns. Use this worksheet to begin this process.

  • Our brains have been designed to be efficient, with patterns and scripts. When there is a fire in the house, you do not need to stop and check your feelings and thoughts about it. Review this article from Six Seconds to better understand how the brain reacts when protecting you from perceived danger.