• Pursue Noble Goals

    A Noble Goal connects your daily choices with your overarching sense of purpose. You can think of a noble goal as what you want to add to the world (or family, community, school), or the legacy you want to leave behind. Each of your daily choices will help you get closer to achieving that goal.

    Noble goals are:

    • Something you can do today.
    • Integrated into your work, personal, and spiritual life.
    • Outward focused.
    • Long term.
    • Motivating and compelling to you.
    • Positive, building others up.

    As you work to grow in this competency, consider these resources.

  • A noble goal can shape your long-term choices to live your best. It will give you a sense of direction and help align your thinking, feelings, and actions. A noble goal is a brief and compelling statement of purpose. It encompasses all aspects of your life (school, personal, community, etc). Use this worksheet to start creating your Noble Goal.

  • Consider the alignment between WHAT you are doing each moment, each day — HOW your are doing that, and WHY?  Is your intention coming through both in the action and in the way that action is undertaken?