This module for assessors includes:

  • One-year subscription to THE PRACTICE™
  • Access to THE PRACTICE™ Certification Module
  • Turnkey coaching platform
  • Discounted subscriptions plans


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As a Certified Coach, assessments provide a starting point to help clients develop both professionally and personally. But while you may gain new insights and clarity, assessments often leave participants and coaches with the question “Now what?”

THE PRACTICE™ is a platform that provides a personal roadmap to learn, develop, and practice the skills of Emotional Intelligence as a means to experience greater outcomes.

THE PRACTICE™ equips you to:

  • Scale your services, reaching more people at one time
  • Provide your clients with curated videos, articles, research studies, and practical next steps that develop EQ competencies
  • Offer your clients a turn-key process to significantly impact EQ skill development


One-year subscription to THE PRACTICE™

  • THE PRACTICE™ includes access to professionally developed micro, mobile practice sessions aimed to build emotional intelligence skills
  • New practice sessions are added throughout the year and existing practice sessions are reviewed yearly so content never gets stale, tired, or outdated
  • There are enough practices sessions for one person to focus on their development for an entire year, and then some

A turn-key solution

  • Offer next steps that focus on behavior change and EQ development
  • Keep track of all the unique needs of your clients
  • Provide a personalized solution for EQ development
  • Leverage the wealth of existing resources without spending hours searching for them
  • Offer a cost-effective approach to training
  • Provide an ROI hook for decisions makers
  • Maximize your reach
  • Add additional revenue streams and a passive income

Access to THE PRACTICE™ Certification Module

  • The certification process provides best practices and recommendations so that you can make sure your clients experience the maximum value
  • This module will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete
  • Discounted subscription rate so that you can create a new, passive revenue stream
  • Volume discounts are available for groups greater than 50