• Hogan Assessments

    Nearly two-thirds of leaders will fail. The most common reason for their failure will be their inability to build or maintain a team. Their inability to build a team can be a function of certain dysfunctional interpersonal tendencies that can be identified through the Hogan assessment process.

    Hogan's approach to assessment is unique in that the define personality in two ways: identity and reputation.

    Identity is personality from the inside – how you see yourself. Reputation is personality from the outside – how others see you.

    For most people, there is a gap between who they think they are and how others perceive them. As a result, they often seem to say one thing and do another. This gap corrodes relationships, and inhibits leaders’ ability to inspire followers. Personality assessment, feedback, and targeted coaching can provide individuals with strategic self-awareness – a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, how they relate to those of their peers, and how they are likely to affect their performance.