• I can’t even tell you how many times I have been stopped in a hallway, in a grocery store, or at a social event by someone who had to tell me a Joey story.

    Joey is my 19 year old son (Happy Birthday May 16!), who just finished his first year at the College of Charleston.  He’s not Joe, and he’s not Joseph. One would be too simple, and the other too sophisticated. He’s Joey. 

    If I had one word to describe Joey it would be unscripted. He’s super creative, always thinking beyond the norm, and the type of person that would walk into a room not knowing anyone, and walk out with 5 new best friends.  

    He pushes the boundaries, comes up with clever ways to get around rules, and lives every single second of the day.

    I love this kid!

    So getting back to Joey stories. 

    At the end of every story I hear, I shake my head and say, “that kid is crazy.” 

    He’s not crazy in a “mean spirited way”, or a stupid, “what were you thinking” kind of way…he’s crazy in a dream big kind of way.

    I am always amazed at the kinds of things he does and what I learn from him. At the age of 19, he has already created the type of legacy that is way beyond anything I could ever hope for or imagine for myself.

    And, this is yet another reason why I love this kid. So this is what I learned about being CRAZY enough to dream big!

    C is for CREATE

    Pay attention to how and where your heart beats. What do you get excited about? What gets your attention? Where do you feel uniquely gifted to make a difference? 

    It may be as simple as making others feel connected or welcomed. It may be in making someone laugh. Or it may be in starting up a club, or a business, or a place for people to meet. Or it may be in writing that book you’ve talked about for the last 10 years. Whatever it is, go after it and give yourself the freedom to create and make mistakes. Being CRAZY enough to dream big is not about perfection. It’s about looking at every mistake, learning from it, and then not being afraid to try again.

    R is for RADICAL Thinking

    Shift your thinking from “No, not possible!” to “Yes, what will it take to make this happen?” Look for ways to move obstacles, to ignore naysayers, to never feel too old or too young to do something. Network and not only step out, but GET OUT of your comfort zone.

    A is for ACTION 

    The best way to kill a dream is to take action. With action, dreams become reality! Create a team, cast vision, get people on board, move forward, and do what it takes. Sharpen your skill, get involved, gain experience. Overcome procrastination and make taking action a priority. 

    Z is for a ZEAL for God and others

    Because nothing else really matters. Be bold with your faith and share it with others. Have great enthusiasm for the people that are in your life. Welcome interruptions and recognize that relationships in life are far more important than any to do item.  Make time for others, listen well, and show care and compassion.

    Y is for YOLO.

    Ok so this one makes me laugh a little. Joey would probably cringe to see his name in the same article that references YOLO, but hey, it’s true. You only live once and you want to make your life count. Dreams  can be short-term dreams that impact your life, but CRAZY big dreams leave behind a legacy and impact those around you. 

    YOLO, what CRAZY big dream are you going to make a reality?

    • • • • •

  • Kelli Schulte
    Leadership and Life Coach

    I am an ICF Certified Coach, specialized in working with teens, young adults, and parents. My goal is to get the word out about the significant correlation between EQ and personal effectiveness, relationships, health, and overall life satisfaction.

    As a Coach, I will help you develop the competencies needed to increase your EQ and find your way through the challenges of everyday life with confidence and resilience.