Getting Started: Developing Emotional Intelligence

CONGRATULATIONS on making the decision to focus on developing your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). You are now part of the hundreds of thousands of people joining a movement to make the world a better place. 

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence (SEI) Assessment

To get the most of out of your EQ development, it is highly recommended that you complete the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence (SEI) Assessment. 

If you did not complete the SEI assessment, make this your first step!

The SEI Assessment helps you to identify areas of strength and areas where you have opportunity to develop your skills. 

Now What?

THE PRACTICE™ provides practical guidance to help develop your emotional intelligence.  You can also use these sessions in the moment when you find yourself struggling.


Create a plan. During this Getting Started Course, you will review your SEI Assessment and work with your Coach to develop a Personalized Development Plan. Your plan will help you answer:

  • Which competencies are your strengths?
  • Which provide opportunities for development?
  • How can you leverage your strengths to develop the other competencies?


Choose a Competency. Each EQ Competency has its own course. If you want to develop your ability to identify your emotions, start with the Emotional Literacy Module. If you want to develop your Optimism, start with the Optimism Module, and so on.

Each practice session is meant to be completed in the order that makes sense to you. Your Coach can help you select a good starting point.


Choose your Practice Sessions. Once you select the competencies you would like to develop, you will see a variety of practice sessions. Overall, there are 50+ practice session available to you. More practice sessions are added twice a year.

Review the sessions available and plan to work through one a week. Each practice session provides an assignment that can be practiced all week and longer. 

Don’t rush through these. Take time to learn the new skill, develop it, and practice it. Linger in the practice and reflect often. What are you learning? What are you discovering about yourself and others? With whom can you share your learning?


Solicit Feedback and Coaching. While training is an excellent way to learn and develop new skills, research tells us that adding coaching to your training will quadruple the impact! 

If you don’t have a coach and would like to get one, send an email to and we will connect you to an ICF Certified Coach.

Remember, developing your emotional intelligence is a life long journey, and development takes practice! The practice sessions provided give you short and practical guidance to help you develop these skills.

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