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    Welcome....Each of us were created to experience emotions and feelings. While some feelings may be perceived to be more desirable, there is really no such thing as good or bad feelings. In fact, all feelings are valuable and provide important information to help us survive and navigate life. You can think of them as little pieces of data.

    This blog is meant to share the value of becoming smart with your feelings. I too am a work in progress. Some of my posts include situations where I learn this lesson the hard way, other posts include references to really cool studies that show what happens when we develop our emotional intelligence.

    Either way, I hope you discover something new and share your learnings with others!

  • 3 Ways Your Emotions Can Help You Ring In The New Year

    Did you ever stop to wonder what life would be like if you were not able to experience emotions? Would life be easier? Less complicated? Or would it be dry and boring?  Think about it.Without anger, what would inspire you to fight for change?  Without fear, would you jump into things that could

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    4 Surprising Ways Your Emotions Can Help You

    SEEING LIFE IN BLACK AND WHITE As a leader, I was always easy to read. I was either happy or frustrated. I had no idea what all those “other emotions” meant, or what to do with them. I especially had no idea what I was missing. Growing up in an Italian-American home, I don’t recall seeing or

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    More Than Just a Summer Job

    Check out this article from the September 2015 issue of Long Grove Living written by Maddy Boutros, CrossRoad Coaching Summer Intern.•  •  •  •  • Kelli Schulte Leadership and Life Coach I am an ICF Certified Coach, specialized in working with teens, young adults, and parents. My goal

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    The Need For Emotional Intelligence

    © Six Seconds (www.6seconds.org), Used by Permission   As students stand in the crossroad of their teenage and young adult years, pressure to achieve academically and fit in socially can be overwhelming. Studies have shown that emotional intelligence  (EQ) plays a significant role in achieving

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    Becoming Self Aware

    This week's blog feature is written by Marketing Associate, Marnie Wineberg.My Story...by Marnie Wineberg I am not perfect. I know I have flaws and I’m neither ashamed nor overly insecure to admit them. I’m human, but I’m also an over thinker, an over doer, and an over giver to some

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    What's Behind Your Emoticon?

    Do any of these statements sound familiar?  “Don’t be sad. Don’t be mad. Don’t feel that way.”  “You need to pull yourself together.” “Don’t be scared. Don’t worry.” “You need to put that feeling to the side and forget about it.” “Don’t make an emotional decision.

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    5 CRAZY Things I Learned From My Teenage Son

    I can’t even tell you how many times I have been stopped in a hallway, in a grocery store, or at a social event by someone who had to tell me a Joey story. Joey is my 19 year old son (Happy Birthday May 16!), who just finished his first year at the College of Charleston.  He’s not Joe, and

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    What Your High School Student Can't Wait To Do

    If you could help your high school student achieve the following would you? Higher academic achievement with greater focus and attention. Collaborative relationships with parents, siblings, teachers, and friends. Less stress and the ability to manage daily life challenges. Better decisions, less

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