• As an organization, you want to create a culture that is driven to add value with enhanced relationships, strategic focus, and an engaged team. Over a decade of research points to emotional intelligence as the key ingredient to impact both employee engagement, performance, and the bottom line.

    Emotional intelligence (EQ) IS the strongest predictor in personal and professional success.

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  • The Six Seconds Vital Signs tools equip organizations with powerful data to:

    • Create a strategy that works with and through people
    • Focus and build buy-in for change efforts
    • Quantify the people-side of the organization
    • Accurately assess the effectiveness of development initiatives
    • Prepare for and track restructuring or mergers and acquisitions
    • Identify needs and opportunities for training, communication, and development 


  • The tools measure the capacities to foster a context of trust in order to:

    • Inspire deep motivation
    • Achieve smooth execution
    • Create effective teamwork
    • Transform resistance in readiness for change

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