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    Welcome....Each of us were created to experience emotions and feelings. While some feelings may be perceived to be more desirable, there is really no such thing as good or bad feelings. In fact, all feelings are valuable and provide important information to help us survive and navigate life. You can think of them as little pieces of data.

    This blog is meant to share the value of becoming smart with your feelings. I too am a work in progress. Some of my posts include situations where I learn this lesson the hard way, other posts include references to really cool studies that show what happens when we develop our emotional intelligence.

    Either way, I hope you harvest something new and share your learnings with others!

  • The Importance of Emotional Intelligence When Parenting Tweens, Teens, and Twenties

    On this episode of #30Seconds Live, we interviewed parent coaches Sheryl Gould and Kelli Schulte. These two fabulous contributors met through 30Seconds.com, demonstrating the real power of our tribe. They are both coaches working with tweens, teens and their families. During the livestream show,

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    7 Mindful Perspectives to Help Young Professionals Navigate the Workplace

        Employers are becoming more and more interested in the Emotional Intelligence levels of their potential hires. In fact, per a recent study, 71% of surveyed hiring managers said that EQ was more important than IQ. According to Six Seconds (a nonprofit organization with a goal of one billion

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    Dreading the conflict around the holiday table? No sweat! Try these quick tips.

      Most relationship experts will agree, at the heart of every conflict is a breakdown of communication. And that breakdown includes a lack of listening to each other. So what does it take to be a good listener, one that listens deeply? It starts with building your self-awareness. What are your

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    10 Things I'm Learning About Myself And Parenting

    After coming off a 4-day weekend with my family, here are 10 things I am learning about myself and parenting. As a Coach who focuses on helping parents and teens, I can be pretty hard on myself when it comes to my own parenting. It's always much easier to look at a situation and help people increase

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    4 Tips to Raising Successful Teens

    How can parents help teens develop self efficacy   When you think of the word SUCCESS what comes to mind? Now think of the word SUCCESS and your TEEN. How are you defining success for your teen? According to Julie Lythcott-Haims, (TED talk How to Raise Successful Kids Without Over Parenting) when

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    Angry Kids?  3 Tips To Help!

    Angry Kids? 3 Tips to Help! All emotions are important. And all emotions are good. Even anger. Without emotions, we would miss out on a lot of clues on how to navigate life. How we automatically react to our emotions is what can gets us into trouble! [Tweet "How we automatically react to our

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    3 Proven Ways to Change How You Respond To Failure

    You can't control life's circumstances, but you can control how you choose to respond and feel. Life can be complicated and filled with twists and turns, including failures, rejections, and disappointments.    And although you don’t get to choose everything that happens in your life, you do get

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    Help Your Teens Navigate the Stressors of Life

    Help Your Teens Navigate the Stressors of Life As parents, we do everything we can to prepare our kids academically for the world. We provide them with the very best in education, opportunities, extra-curricular activities, tutors, ACT prep courses, etc. You name it. We do it in the name of making

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    Seven Ways to Create Emotional Health At Home

    Emotional Health At Home As parents, we want more than ever for our kids to: Be able to navigate set backs, failures, and disappointments Have stronger, healthier relationships Make well thought out decisions Stay clear of high risk behaviors, such as substance abuse Have increased focus for

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    Do You Want Better Control of Your Emotions? Read This!

    Navigate your emotions with this little trick. Wow...I can't even begin to tell you how many times in my life I've said.... "I wish I could hit the REWIND button and do that again." Unfortunately those words haven't come out of my mouth because something was so awesome that I wanted to do it

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