• EQuip Studios, a 6 Seconds Preferred Partner, was born out of a passion and desire to inspire positive change at school, at home, and in the workplace. In a world that is emotionally charged, the way we make decisions, navigate stress, connect with others, and experience life can get a little wonky.

    At EQuip Studios, we help you to slow down and move away from making choices on impulse, with no thought, or in reaction from pressures from others. Instead, you will learn to:

    • Increase your awareness around your thoughts, feelings, and what’s important
    • Consider the options that you have
    • Align your actions to the overall desired outcome

    EQuip Studios is in the business of equipping students, parents, and leaders in the skills of Emotional Intelligence so that you will experience:

    • Greater effectiveness-accomplishing your desired outcomes through effective decision making and influence
    • Healthy relationships-building and maintaining a mutually supportive community and network
    • Wellbeing-maintaining health and balance for optimal energy and functioning
    • Quality of life-experiencing contentment from a life well lived and achieving success as you define it

    As EQ Practitioners, we will help you learn to pay attention to your feelings, recognize your options, and move forward with purpose. During our time together, you will strengthen the competencies you need to grow in your emotional intelligence, creating life-long change and growth.  
    With coaching and practice, you will experience a positive impact on your ability to reach your goals, engage in healthy relationships, improve your well-being, and overall life fulfillment.