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    Help Your Teens Navigate the Stressors of Life

    As parents, we do everything we can to prepare our kids academically for the world. We provide them with the very best in education, opportunities, extra-curricular activities, tutors, ACT prep courses, etc.

    You name it. We do it in the name of making them more intriguing to the best schools.

    All of these are important, and can help our kids do well, but according to recent research there is one thing that is even more important.

    That one thing is EQ (emotional quotient, also known as Emotional Intelligence) and it is key to helping teens navigate the stressors of life.

    Studies have shown that students with greater than average EQ also:

    • Navigate set backs, failures, and disappointments
    • Have stronger, healthier relationships
    • Make well thought out decisions
    • Are less likely to engage in high risk behaviors, including substance abuse
    • Have increased focus for academic performance

    And, once students graduate and begin looking for work, the data about EQ continues.

    • 71% of hiring managers will hire someone with higher EQ over competence.
    • 59% of employers say they would not hire someone with a high IQ if they had a low EQ
    • 75% of employers say they are more likely to promote an employee with high EQ

    EQ is the strongest predictor of success over relevant experience or IQ.

    So what exactly is emotional intelligence (EQ)?

    Simply put, Emotional Intelligence is your ability to be smart about your emotions. Essentially, EQ blends both the rational and emotional sides of the brain to make the best decision.

    Here’s what it looks like.

    Know Yourself: EQ is about increasing your self-awareness. It requires you to tune into your own emotions and the automatic reactions you have to specific situations.

    Choose Yourself: EQ is about being intentional. It takes your increased self-awareness and then uses that to be intentional in making the best choices to get to the desired outcome.

    Did you ever wonder why really really smart people sometimes make stupid decisions? It’s most likely because they are only using the rational or cognitive side of their brain.

    Our kids pay attention to how we handle situations. And, without even realizing it, they are often building scripts based on what they are learning from us. Part of self-awareness is recognizing the patterns we are following that impact our decisions. Some of our own scripts or patterns may include things we picked up from key influencers too.

    Give Yourself: EQ is about being purposeful in your choices. It is the recognition that our decisions impact others. It includes understanding how our choices ripple outward, impacting those around us. It’s about increasing our empathy through connection and listening to others. And it’s about the ultimate impact we want to have…that larger purpose to our actions.

    To learn how you can help your kids increase their Emotional Intelligence click HERE.


    About Kelli Schulte

    Kelli is a Chicago-based consultant and coach helping individuals and organizations grow in emotional intelligence. With a natural curiosity for how people think and feel, she enjoys helping others increase self-awareness, build greater connections, and experience a healthier sense of well-being, in order to take positive steps forward. 

    In addition to being a wife and a mom of two young adults, she is also a certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Preferred Partner with Six Seconds, Certified EQ Assessor and Practitioner, an EQ Area Network Leader with Six Seconds, a Panelist with the Six Seconds EQ Community Forum, and a regular contributor with 30Seconds.com.

    Her combined experience working as a consultant with Fortune 100 organizations, and working with students and adults in church ministry gives her a unique coaching platform.